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110% Low Price Guarantee

Mailbox And Beyond's Low Price Guarantee

Mailbox And Beyond will not be Undersold!

We constantly shop the competition. Our Goal is to earn your business.

Mailbox And Beyond guarantees you the lowest prices plus 110% Price Protection!

Mailbox And Beyond guarantees the lowest price on everything we sell. If you find an item elsewhere (before your purchase from Mailbox And Beyond), you will be eligible for our "110% price protection" program.

Here's how it works:

The item must be the identical product, including model, color, manufacturer, etc.

The price you wish us to match must be verifiable. The competitor's advertisement must be current. The item must be brand new, in-stock, at or above the manufacturer's wholesale cost.

Mailbox And Beyond will only match prices with other authorized vendors.

When you ask us to match a price, the competitor's shipping and handling charges and sales tax must be taken into account when we calculate the competitor's price. This offer may not be used in combination with some promotional offers. Mailbox And Beyond reserves the right to refuse any price match if the preceding terms are not met or cannot be verified. If the competitor's pricing violates the manufacturer's pricing policy, a price match will be refused.


Mailbox And Beyond price (+S&H): $100.00*

Competitor Price (+S&H): $95.00

Difference: $5.00

10% Bonus: $0.50

Refund: $5.50

Simply send an email to us at sales@mailboxandbeyond.com and include the URL of the lower priced item.

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